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Wholesale Gate Company has been manufacturing steel folding gates for more than 45 years. The mission of our business is to make a quality product at a competitive price that meets or exceeds our customers' requirements.

Wholesale Gate Company manufactures the "classic" design of steel folding gate that has been around for years and proven over and over to be durable and dependable. Our steel folding gates are made of 3/4" wide 14 gauge steel channel, riveted back to back with solid steel rivets. Solid rivets provide abundant strength to last longer under any conditions. We use 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1/8" thick hot rolled angle iron for upright gate rails that resist abuse and last longer than thinner alternatives. Our drop pins are made of 5/8" round rod, and our casters are steel. We thoroughly coat our steel folding gates using black enamel paint.

In these uncertain economic times, security is an essential investment any business or homeowner can make. The secret behind Wholesale Gate Company's success is its unique client-care policy and personalized attention. Wholesale Gate Company provides customers with tailored solutions that not only perfectly match their security requirements, but match their budgets, building and technical specifications, and much more.

Our security steel folding gates can be seen all around the country: that rolling gate on a storefront, the narrow gate on a door opening at a school, etc.

In fact, to make certain that clients receive exceptional security for the long-term, all steel folding gates meet the most stringent industry safety standards and are crafted by experts from the finest and most durable materials.

Our steel folding gates fold easily back and out of the way when people or equipment need to pass, but provide a lockable barrier when closed. These steel folding gates are excellent for situations where compact, restricted access is a priority, but visibility and airflow are desired as well. Secure your warehouse, your bay doors, your aisles, and other restricted areas with easy to install steel folding gates. Arranged to accept padlocks and constructed from heavy-duty steel U-type channel riveted back-to-back. All double steel folding gates are secured with drop pins and feature steel ball-bearing swivel casters for easy opening and closing. The webs are riveted to vertical rails and rivets are secure behind, to prevent tampering. No welding is required for installation.

At Wholesale Gate Company, we believe that every customer has a right to protect their property and livelihood, and it is our sole purpose to help them do precisely that!

Door Steel Folding Security Gates

Door steel folding gates are designed to provide security for door openings 24" to 48" wide. Heights range from 61" to 83." These steel folding gates have a reversible hinge design to allow mounting on the left or the right side. They can be mounted in the casing or on the facing of the door opening. All Door steel folding gates include a locking bar. Our steel folding gates will pivot 180 degrees out of the way when open. Our Door steel folding gates are made of a sturdy 3/4" channel and are painted black enamel.

Single Steel Folding Security Gates

For standard openings, patio doors, garages, industrial and commercial use. These one-piece steel folding gates fit openings 4-1/2' to 7-1/2' wide and up to 8' in height. Stock steel folding gates lock on the left. Steel folding gates can be ordered to lock on the right side of the opening. Provisions for a padlock are on the opposite side of the mounting side. The steel folding gate can be installed on either the facing or the casing of the opening. A ball bearing caster is welded to the lead rail of the gate. This caster is to aid in the extension and retraction of the steel folding gate. All Single steel folding gates will pivot 180 degrees when not in use. All steel folding gates lose height when stretched from the collapsed position to the in-use or locked position. All Single steel folding gates 6-1/2' and 7-1/2' wide will have a drop pin in the center for extra stability in wider openings.

Double Steel Folding Security Gates

For larger openings, overhead doors, dock doors, storefronts, commercial, and industrial use. These two-piece steel folding gates can be made to any size width and a maximum height of 10'. Since they are Double steel folding gates, each side will swing (pivot 180 degrees) out of the way. This is ideal for dock doors and overhead doors. Trucks and other traffic can move freely in and out without any interference from the steel folding gates.

Our Double steel folding gates are made from standard type channel 3/4" (14 gauge), riveted back-to-back with 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" x 1/8" side rails for extra strength.

The top bracket (H-Bracket) is optional and keeps the steel folding gate secure at the top while a center drop-pin provides maximum protection at the bottom of the gate. Steel folding gates will lock together in the middle with the use of a standard type padlock.

All steel folding gates are shipped complete with two mounting brackets, two washers, two casters, and a drop-pin. An H-Bracket can be shipped at no additional cost. For steel folding gates that will be installed inside a dock door, extended brackets can be ordered to keep steel folding gates back and out of the way of overhead doors. All steel folding gates drop an inch per foot upon expansion. Our steel folding gates are painted enamel black.

Portable Steel Folding Security Gates

For hallways, cafeterias, temporary work areas, and other institutional, commercial, and industrial uses. These two-piece steel folding gates are made in 6 ft. wide sections and stand 6 1/2 ft. tall when folded. They will fit through standard height doors and roll easily for storage. Additional 6-ft. sections can be added on for larger areas.

* Gates are able to ship via UPS Ground.  Multiple units may need to ship via an LTL common carrier due to weight constraints.

Gates will drop approximately 1 inch in height per foot of width upon expansion.

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